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MultisportMajic and XTERRA

Two great trail runs in North Carolina

XTERRA North Carolina Series

XTERRA North Carolina Trail Run SeriesThe summer months in North Carolina have become a time for runners to put some trail-running shoes on their tar heels, but the 2016 XTERRA season will kick things off with a winter race.

The XTERRA North Carolina Trail Run Series will host three races this year in starting in December of 2016 and finishing in August of 2017.

The series opens with the new XTERRA Warrior Creek Trail Run, which is a half marathon taking place in Boomer, NC.

Next up is the brand new XTERRA Jack Rabbit Trail Run in Hayesville.

Then the XTERRA Beech Mountain Trail Run returns to the schedule on July 23. This longtime favorite of XTERRA runners is back and better than ever for the 2017 season.

Finally, the XTERRA Fisher Farm rounds out the series with the fourth and final race on August 20.

Each race in the series is open to runners of all ages and skill levels, and most of the events will offer two course options – a “short” course and a long course – to accommodate the various levels.

Registration and Info is now available.

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